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The Future of Our Industry

A team flower conference

studying the flower movement and your place within it

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The flower movement is comprised of several diverse sub sets of passionate people. There are farmers and florists, writers and suppliers. Some of you are driven by artistry. Your sensitivity to color, your thoughtful placement — it's inspiring and it matters. Beauty lifts us. Some of you wake up each day on a mission to take care of the earth that supports the flowers we all love. I admire your loyalty and dedication. I think of the people who are passionate about pushing limits and breaking the rules that have surrounded this industry for so long — the bravery, the grit. Thank you for paving the way. Every type of person is key in this movement. Representation from each state and as many countries as possible is key. For this event to have the impact on the flower movement I believe it can, I need all of you to attend and share the values that drive your work. In doing this, we will not only understand each other better, we will learn how to work together. Let's get together, like a hive of honeybees, and use our work with flowers to create a legacy that outlives the flowers and us. Let's get into formation for bigger things. We need to get the word out, invite friends and get as many people into this conversation as possible. We must stand up, take responsibility and be intentional about the future.

The time is now.

Flower Professionals are Coming Together

Florists | Farmers | Bloggers | Organization Leaders | Suppliers and more

A powerful meeting to enrich both the movement and the individual businesses within. If you work with or support work with flowers in any capacity, professionally or personally you are welcome to attend.

You have the opportunity

You have the opportunity to see the growing flower movement up-close, and speak into the future of the industry. The movement has momentum and it's time to decide — where are we headed and why? Hear from movement leaders in both design and growing, sit in on panel discussions and participate in Q&A. 

Equipping you to succeed within this changing industry is important. That is why we are bringing business topics to the stage. You are the business leaders of the future. We will discuss offerings, pricing and re-inventing what you do to meet emerging market needs, all while maintaining and communicating strong values through your marketing. Training inspirational business leaders is the goal!

Small community is just as important as big community — for both your individual goals and our group goals. This is why Team Flower is doing incredible behind-the-scenes work to take a big group and connect you in small, purposeful, and targeted mastermind groups.

Connection, education and inspiration, all in one place...


does this cause resonate with you?

This conference has never been done, but I think it's an important step. I think it is worth the risk and can be done, but only with your help.  

Are you a part of the committed group who believe in this mission? If so, please show your support by participating in a short questionnaire where you can speak into the topics, presenters and even pricing. After the survey you will have an opportunity to save a seat for $25. The payment is 100% refundable when final conference programming is announced.  You can retain and choose a registration option or release it.

Your early participation will help us determine scale as we move into final negotiations with our venue. Putting this on is a huge financial risk and we must be sure you feel this is needed just as much as we do.

Affordable registration, without compromising quality is a core Team Flower value. Working with flowers is expensive, hard work. Providing affordable education and networking opportunities is central to our mission. Your early $25 payment will ensure you have the lowest cost options for registration before the general public. 

Early bird gets the worm

And as a flower pro you know how important worms are!

Click below to fill out a survey and tell us what you think of the conference. After completing the survey, you will be given the option to save the date for $25 (refundable). EVen if you're not ready to save the date, your survey responses are appreciated!

Three 3 Main Components

mastermind groups | Stage presentations | Refresh

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Mastermind groups

Mastermind groups are small groups where you will forge important connections with people, and get stuff done! We have mastermind groups available on all kinds of topics. On day one, you will be connected to people who are in similar stages in business and life.  On day two, you will be connected with a diverse group. On the last day, you'll be connected with a goal-driven group of your choice. You'll start discussions in these groups that last long after the conference.

Examples of groups:

- Year 1-3 in flower business
- Grower with interest in hydroponic growing
- Canadian Growers/Florists
- Let's update our websites together
- Flower Bloggers

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Stage presentations will be given by the designers, growers and flower pros you love following on Instagram. There will be three keynote sessions and four Q&A panels during the conference on topics chosen by the presenters and you. Additionally, Team Flower will lead two business-based sessions to help you identify relevant needs and transition your business through industry changes.


Refreshing is easy at the Reunion Resort! The resort has spacious accommodations, on-site restaurants, an amazing lazy river, a rooftop swimming pool (and 9 other pools!), a spa, three golf courses, and palm trees...ahh! Parking is free, and there is a shuttle to make transport within the resort a breeze. It's also conveniently located just six miles from the Disney Parks and the conference schedule is perfectly timed to let you loose to enjoy those if you'd like. Because you are a part of the conference, the resort is able to offer discounted evening tickets that fit perfectly in the conference schedule. The Epcot International Garden Festival takes place each spring and you might like popping over there to travel the world and see the flower displays. Bring your family and friends with you, and they'll have plenty to do while you're at the conference.


Tentative Conference Schedule

March 7-10, 2018 | Reunion Resort | Orlando, Florida



11a-1p Event Check-in

1-2p Business Focus

2-3p Panel

3-4p Mastermind Groups

4p Room Check-in

7-9p Keynote Dinner 



10-11a Business Lecture

11-Noon Panel

12-2p Keynote Luncheon

2-3p Panel

3-4p Mastermind Groups



10-11a Business Focus

11a-1p Keynote Luncheon

1-2p Panel

2-3p Mastermind Groups



11a Room Check-out


Travel with family

Family + Friends Getaway Package

An incredible value!  Package includes one full-conference registration & one three-bedroom suite (includes full kitchen and living space).  Check-in on Wednesday and attend afternoon and evening conference sessions while your guests enjoy the amenities.  On Thursday, our sessions will wrap up at 4 p.m. so you and your guests can enjoy discounted evening park tickets as a conference attendee.  Disney Parks are less than 10 miles from the resort and easily assessable via Uber. Check out is on Saturday, but you may add time to the beginning or end of your trip by inquiring at registration.

Couples Getaway Package

Bring a spouse and enjoy a little getaway! Package includes one full conference registration plus an extra dinner ticket for your spouse on Wednesday night. Enjoy a private one bedroom suite and all the amenities. Check in on Wednesday and check-out on Saturday. You may add time to the beginning or end of your trip by inquiring at registration.

travel solo + find friends


Daytime Basic Conference Registration
Keynote Sessions & Meals Not Included

Daytime Full Conference Registration
All Sessions & Keynote Meals Included

Single Package
One Full Conference Registration & Private One Bedroom Suite

Flower Friends Package
One Full Conference Registration & Private Room with Shared Suite. You'll be assigned suite mates. If you are traveling with friends, request up to two others as suite mates.

travel with business partner or team


Super Saver Business Partner Package
Two Full Conference Registrations & Private Two Bedroom Suite

Super Saver Full Team Package
Two Full Conference Registrations, Up to Four Basic Registrations & Three Bedroom Suite to Share

FULL Conference Pass Includes Twelve Sessions

Three Keynote Sessions with Meals
Four Panels
Three Mastermind Sessions
Two Business Sessions

BASIC Conference Pass Includes Nine Sessions

All Sessions Except Keynote Sessions with Meals

in addition to the accommodations, resort guests also access

  • Free parking
  • Waterpark, a rooftop swimming pool and 9 other pools throughout the resort
  • Transportation within the resort to conference session location, waterpark and other amenities
  • Discounted Disney Park evening passes
  • 10% off Spa services
  • $99 golf rounds
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I will be your host. Want to know a little more About me?

Hi!  I'm Kelly. My fancy, fun, figure-it-out, go-get em attitude earned me the nickname "Tinkerbell" among my peers. I have to admit, it's fitting. I just need wings!

Most days you can find me in the garden or at my desk. I'm passionate about business and entrepreneurship. I love trying new things, testing limits and taking big risks. I value peace over being perfect.

My clients and customers inspire my work. It means a lot to me when a bride tells me I was the easiest part of her day or when a Team Flower friend says I helped them over a hurdle. I love lightening the load through free videos, articles and podcasts. I love working on online courses, our hands-on workshop and now this unifying conference!

My floral work has been featured in numerous outlets over the years, including Martha Stewart, the Knot, Once Wed, Flower Magazine and (coming soon) Brides.

My background in education and event planning  have equipped me to serve you with experience and joy!

THIs is page contains tentative event details, final details will be determined later. After this save the date period, registrants will have the option of moving ahead with final registration options or releasing their registration and receiving a full refund of their save the date fee