Advertising Consultation and Set Up

Advertising Consultation and Set Up


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    For a simple flat fee, you get the following:

    • Consultation call to discuss what you want accomplished with online advertising and how to achieve it. We'll help you establish an advertising strategy to identify what audiences you want to target and what actions you want them to take. We'll answer any question you have about advertising online, no matter how basic or advanced the questions are. After the call you'll have a better understanding of what your ads will accomplish.
    • Custom code inserted on your site for Facebook, Instagram and Google so you can show ads to visitors of your website. We'll also set up custom code that will allow you to track the results of your ads, so you can see exactly how much it cost to get an inquiry form filled out, a purchase made or someone to sign up for your email newsletter.
    • If you've never advertised with Facebook, Instagram or Google — you need to set up an advertising account with them. We will help walk you through this process and do what we can for you!
    • Lifetime access to a monthly update of the latest opportunities with Facebook, Instagram and Google. These sites are constantly releasing new ways for businesses to advertise. We keep tabs on what's new and what's possible so you don't have to.
    • Access to our best rates for advertising clients, as outlined below. There's no minimum and we bill in a way that prioritizes your business needs.