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Choose from curriculum options below. Each date limited to 10 attendees.
Every session includes: Thousands of Flowers, Toolbox, Group Lodging, Meals, Photos

Wedding Florals

July 8-12 & August 5-9

Arrive 8pm Sunday | Depart 10am Thursday



July 22-24
Arrive 8pm Sunday | Depart 5pm Tuesday


July 24-27
Arrive 7pm Tuesday | Depart 10am Friday

Pricing begins at $1,995 and varies by curriculum | $500 discount when you attend both intensives

You'll also receive

  • A badge you can use in your marketing to let clients know you invest in education and are bringing them your best work. 
  • A highlight on the Team Flower blog and social pages, deepening your floral network and increasing your website's search engine optimization (this makes it easier for clients to find you).

A gorgeous mini album of you and your favorite flower arrangement is included with every curriculum! Photos are taken by @heatherpaynephoto

Above are flowers by @springvine from the 2014 Team Flower Workshop


Group lodging, dining and plenty of protected space for "tree-top" arranging in our cozy mountain venue


Floral tool kit included

Each attendee has their own set of tools to take home.

- Pretty basket to stay organized
- Drink tumbler to stay hydrated
- Haus watering can & a spray bottle to keep the flowers hydrated
- Joyce Chen clippers, the ultimate florist's tool
- Gold ribbon scissors, plus a library of gorgeous ribbon to choose from
- Set of wire in various gauges
- Stem tape
- Waterproof tape in 1/4 and 1/2 widths
- A flower frog (plus access to chicken wire or foam as you prefer), cling putty and one or more containers based on curriculum, plus a library of container inventory to borrow from as you wish
- An apron
- Notebook and pencils
- Gold nameplate, perfect for networking events after the workshop

You'll also have access to your own 6' design table on open studio days, buckets to use for a lift as you create, a lazy susan and seating to make arranging comfortable and fun.


Unparalleled value

You'll be hard pressed to find a better value on the market.  

With both in-person and online components, all curriculums prepare you for success in the wedding & event floral market. This is backed up with lifetime access to the instructor through the Team Flower Community. At the workshop you'll learn not only to make arrangements, but to read them and critically think about them. Your creativity will be encouraged in this safe setting. Receive personalized attention each step of the way and enjoy a tight-knit community of fellow flower lovers. Just 10 attendees at each event.

Add to that, shared group lodging and meals are included!

What is it like?

Practically speaking, you'll arrive and enjoy some refreshments with the group. We've got an ice-cream tradition going, but the kitchen will be stocked with plenty of veggies and snacks to meet a wide range of tastes and needs. The excitement and nervous tension of being somewhere new is broken quickly as Kelly shares stories and invites the group to share some too. Jesse and Kelly will help you get settled in and you'll enjoy good company, clean air, and sweet dreams.

Mornings are quiet and reserved for you to catch your breath and connect with your staff back home if needed. We start at 10 a.m. each day and have a relaxed programming schedule so we can go deep into the group's unique needs, taking breaks along the way. Typically teaching days wrap up with dinner ending around 8:30-9:00 p.m.

Departure days will vary based on the itinerary you choose, but all have 10 a.m. room check-out times.


...a rich experience that can only be felt with the heart

"As the workshop comes to a close, I invite the group to reflect on the time. What resonates with each one is as unique as the arrangements they create. Interestingly, the deepest comments are not related to the education as that was expected, but in the moments that took place in the margins. A conversation that shifted something deep or woke an old dream up and gave it air. It's the surprises, and everyone gets one. Communicating the depth of their response and the kindness they give back to me is impossible for me to express on a website. It's something that must be felt. And so, I invite you to feel it. Take a risk with me and nine others, and make the trip to Boone. If you have that little lump in your throat, press register, come. I promise to create a rich, kind group culture and give you an experience you'll cherish for a lifetime." 

- Kelly


Choose the time and content focus that's right for you



In this workshop, you will learn Kelly's step-by-step system for offering wedding florals — both business and design. It is an excellent intro for beginners or refresher for business owners looking to increase time efficiency. Proposals, pricing, consults, contracts — it's all covered in-depth, with samples. Mechanics and design for arbors, bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, wrist corsages and crowns are covered as well as plenty of hands-on design time. The third day is an open studio with an abundance of local flowers where you can focus on your own design goals, create in the style you want, and receive one-on-one coaching rooted in the principles of design with Kelly throughout the day.

Appropriate for all experience levels.

Save with one payment of $2,895 to secure your spot or pay 5 monthly payments of $599 with the first today.

- Arrive Sunday, between 7:30-8 p.m.
- Sessions & Meals Monday - Wednesday, between 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
- Depart Thursday, between 8-10 a.m. 

Join (click date & payment option)
July 8-12 payment plan (Sold out)
July 8-12 one payment (Sold out)

August 5-9 payment plan
August 5-9 one payment



Each day will have group demonstration, business discussion and open studio with one-on-one coaching. You will learn how to create dripping cascades, loose-organic, and tailored compositions without a need for any kind of armature or holder. You'll learn to quickly gauge size, shape and stem count needs of any inspiration photo a client brings and understand how to charge appropriately for your interpretation of the piece. Sample quotes included. In addition to bridals, create for bridesmaids, and mothers. Practice wiring for crowns and create a stunning boutonniere tray with interesting finishes. 

Highly recommended if you struggle with pricing your flowers. 

If you would like to stay and do a similar curriculum with centerpieces and reception design, just purchase both courses. The dates flow right into each other and you'll receive a discount since you don't need two sets of supplies. 

Great for people who have or would like to start a freelancing career in flowers. The skillset you will develop is an asset to employers. 

Save with one payment of $1,995 to secure your spot or pay 5 monthly payments of $419 with the first today.

- Arrive Sunday, between 7:30-8 p.m.
- Sessions & Meals Monday between 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
- Sessions & meals Tuesday between 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
- Depart Tuesday, between 5-7 p.m. 

Join (click date & payment option)
July 22-24 payment plan
July 22-24 one payment

Flowers by @zuzuspetalsevents


Centerpiece & reception intensive


Each day will have a group demonstration, business discussion and open studio with one-on-one coaching. You will learn how to design for receptions on budget with predictable profits. Sample quotes included. You'll learn to quickly gauge size, shape and stem count needs of any inspiration photo a client brings and understand how to charge appropriately for your interpretation of the piece. 

Highly recommended if you struggle with pricing your flowers and staying on budget while meeting client needs. 

Best option for floral enthusiasts who do not want to start a business. 

Great for people who do or would like to have a freelancing career, and negotiate higher rates.

Save with one payment of $2,295 to secure your spot or pay 5 monthly payments of $479 with the first today.

- Arrive Tuesday, between 5-7 p.m.
- Sessions & Meals Wednesday and Thursday between 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
- Depart Friday, between 8-10 a.m.

July 24-27 payment plan
July 24-27 one payment

Flowers by @anenchangedoccasion

Discounts available

  • Save $500 when you sign up for both the Centerpiece & Bouquet Intensives. Sign up to secure your spot, then chat with us to get your refund.
  • Signing up for any workshop with a friend? Get a discount when you both sign up together. Chat with us for more details.

Have a question?  

Chat with us by clicking the red round button on the right.

Looking for photos from past Workshops, Reviews & More?

You're supporting small businesses in several ways

When you attend this workshop, you are of course, supporting Team Flower, a small business with a big dream to see the world brought together through flowers, but you're simultaneoulsy supporting small businesses in other ways too. 

The flowers we use are almost all locally grown using sustainable practices. Nearly all the food we eat comes from local farmers and small local proprietors based in the High Country. When we source supplies we consider family businesses first so your clippers, wire, flower frogs and cling — it's all coming from a small garden wholesale company from our homestate of Pennsylvania. 

A portion of Team Flower sales are donated to the Team Flower Foundation, a charitable arm of Team Flower. This past year we were able to supply grants for Bouquets of Kindness and Random Acts of Flowers thanks to support from workshop attendees like you.

We value dreamers, and hope our business can make a difference in the world


New to flowers?

Attendees at each workshop have a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. The person who created this pretty piece was considering a career switch and brand new! If you're brand new you might feel a little nervous about coming, and that's ok. This is not out of your league. There's no fancy terms you won't understand. You're with friends here.

I work with a lot of beginners and I know the common roadblocks. We're going to get you over and through them at this event. You are welcome here and you belong in this safe setting. We're all learning, all experimenting, and all thinking about what's next. 

To ease your concerns a little further, I've created some online trainings covering the basics that are 100% free when you register for the workshop. 

5 exclusive online lessons

Also, I'm happy to share sources for all the things we use at the event, and am happy to offer referrals and troubleshoot anything you need for your studio start-up.


Aware, light and free
That's what you will be!

All dates limited to 10 attendees
Choose from tHREE curriculum options

All options include GROUP lodging & meals

Wedding Florals

July 8-12

Aug 5-9
5 payments of $599


BOUQUETS | July 22-24
5 payments of $419

5 payments of $479



  • All meals and snacks are provided and menus will be available to review prior to the event.
  • While we work to accommodate all dietary needs, it is a group setting. If you have a complicated dietary need (like Kelly) you are welcome to shop the local market and prep meals and snacks in the convenient on-site kitchen.


  • Spacious shared lodging in a group setting is included with the workshop ticket. A portion of the rooms are private and if you have a special need or a health concern that requires private lodging please inquire prior to booking to be sure your need can be met.

Travel information

Airports equidistant to Boone

  • Charlotte Douglas International (most commonly used by attendees)
  • Piedmont Triad International (Greensboro, NC)
  • Tri-Cities Regional (Blountville, TN)
  • Asheville Regional Airport

Most attendees rent a car from Charlotte or Greensboro and ride share. You'll be connected with other attendees when you register via community. You can also utilize the "Hickory Hop" and/or High Country Taxi for easy travel to Boone from the airport.  If you are shy about traveling, we recommend Piedmont Triad International. It's a small airport and easy to navigate for a driver.

We host guests from all over the states and internationally. It's worth the trip.

Parking is extremely limited at the venue, so we provide shuttle transportation. If you have questions or concerns, chat with us using the red button in the corner. 

payment plans

  • Workshop payment plans are 5 monthly payments of equal payments, with the first payment made at purchase. After you join, you'll be automatically billed the same amount 4 more months.

Additional mini-album samples from heather

Stone House Creative | Flora | Accents


Photos: Heather Payne, Jake and Heather Beerman, Callie Pitts for Nancy Ray