The founders of Team Flower

Kelly and Jesse Perry are pioneers in modern online floral education as the dynamic married-couple duo behind Team Flower. The Perrys founded Team Flower in 2014, starting with hands-on floral design workshop that is still a cornerstone of their educational offerings today. Seeing floral creatives and business owners set free to boldly pursue their journey with flowers gives them such joy. They love cheering you along as you love the world through flowers!




Before you could find her empowering professionals in the floral industry full-time, Kelly started a tiny weekly flower subscription that she grew into her own successful boutique floral design business, Philosophy Flowers.

Kelly Perry’s life with flowers—and her joy of teaching other professionals—naturally stems from her time working as a corporate event planner after she graduated from college, studying fashion, interior design, event planning, entrepreneurship, and education. Of her educational background, Kelly reminisces, “The first lesson I taught in my education class was called ‘The Elements and Principles of Design.’ I practically floated out of that class, and I remember thinking, ‘If I could find a way to just teach that lesson for the rest of my life, I would be so happy.’ It combined everything I loved: fashion, interior design, business, event design, art, and education."


  • Instructed over 90 hours of recorded floral education content

  • Taught hundreds of people through her in-person events since 2014

  • Held a teacher license in Family and Consumer Studies Science education

  • Freelanced with Saipua, Sinclair & Moore, Rosegolden Flowers, and Jacin Fitzgerald Events

  • Studied under the Little Flower School Brooklyn with Saipua + Nicolette Camille, Kate Holt of Flower Wild, Ariella Chezar, Trouvaille Workshop, AIFD, and Shane Connolly.


  • Design work featured in over 55 publications, including Southern Weddings, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, and many more

  • Named one of the “35 under 35” floral designers by Florists’ Review

  • Selected as the field-to-vase designer for the Nashville American Grown Field to Vase Dinner

  • Held speaking engagements at ASCFG Conference and the Alaska Peony Conference

  • Hundreds of thousands have viewed her online tutorials

Being brought up in a gardening family, Kelly has many happy memories marked by flowers, and her love for lifelong learning, teaching, and floral design shines through in her role developing the content for and instructing the classes and workshops at Team Flower.

Find Kelly featured in: Mayesh, Floret Flowers, American Grown Flowers, Slow Flowers Podcast, Martha Stewart Weddings, Florists’ Review, Weddings Unveiled Podcast, Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers and visit Philosophy Flowers to see more of Kelly’s design work and where it’s been featured.

“You are never too old, too middle-aged, or too young to learn and start something new. Age, position, money, and life experiences don’t define your ability to be excellent at your art and use it to encourage the world. If you love flowers, learn everything you can and go do it!”
- Kelly Perry



At Team Flower, Jesse Perry wears many hats: SEO strategist, chief marketing officer, human resources director, chief technology officer, project manager, programmer, videographer, customer support manager—you name it, he’s championing it.

Holding a serious passion for both entrepreneurship and community, Jesse has become a leader in small-business education in the floral industry. In fact, his favorite thing about the floral industry is the true community he’s seen built by people helping one another. With a background studying and working in business, marketing, human resources, training, and technology, Jesse loves to help empower floral professionals to start, run, and maintain sustainable businesses.


  • 10+ years of HR/leadership experience in the corporate world

  • Recorded and edited over 400 instructional videos for Team Flower

  • Grew Team Flower into a multi-six-figure annualized business

  • Managed $200,000 worth of online ads across Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • Custom built the Team Flower online education platform


  • University degree in business marketing, graduate cum laude, with nationally recognized American Marketing Association project

  • Doubled Team Flower organic traffic in less than a year using SEO principles

  • Created over 90 hours of recorded floral education content

  • Speaking engagements at the ASCFG Conference, Team Flower Conference, and other online flower education events

Jesse’s relationship with flowers was cultivated out of a love for his wife—and a love for helping other entrepreneurs. Specializing in SEO, online marketing, and maximizing online business tools, he’s passionate about helping floral pros expand their use of technology to make running a small business more streamlined and more profitable.

Find Jesse featured in: Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, Slow Flowers, Memberful, and Coolbot

“Want to be an entrepreneur? Start working on your business dream before you’re ready to do it. Use the resources at your fingertips to build something. It might last a year or a lifetime. It doesn’t matter. Be courageous. Make the phone call. Send the email. Start. Whether it’s a new project or new business, you never know what’s possible or how much success you’ll have until you take one step forward and experience what it feels like in that vulnerable state of trying something new.”
- Jesse Perry