We’re Team Flower,
and we’re glad you’re here

Our mission is to connect and empower flower lovers with lifelong, global community support and education to help them love the world through flowers.

We know what it’s like to have tired feet, messy buckets, a dirty apron, invoices to send, and questions like, “Am I doing this right?” On this flower journey, you need kind friends to encourage you, guide you, and lend a hand—that’s why Team Flower was created.



Everything we do at Team Flower is designed to lighten your load.

Team Flower is a support community dedicated to educating, connecting, and empowering floral professionals worldwide. We provide online classes, in-person events, and free videos, articles, and podcast episodes designed to support you in your professional journey with flowers. Whether you’re an established florist, farmer, artist, or industry pro—or simply love flowers and are just starting your business—there’s space for you here!


At Team Flower, we provide

Over 200 new free resources every year to help you learn new techniques, feel inspired in your work, and conquer the business-side of things.

In-depth flower growing, design, and business education classes (12 online classes in total—with more in the works)

Beautiful in-person design workshops that foster hands-on learning and creativity

A yearly large-scale conference with opportunities to learn from seasoned industry pros, make new friends, and have a blast!

Our membership community

Is over 2,000 strong
Represents over 30 incredible countries and all 50 U.S. states
Is made up of industry pros of all experience levels and backgrounds


When the first seeds of Team Flower were planted, they were planted with you in mind.

In 2014, Philosophy Flowers owner Kelly Perry received a simple phone call from a lady named Lori who had questions about starting a floral business of her own. After that call, Kelly began to have a deeper sense that the floral industry needed a space for flower pros from all backgrounds to share knowledge, support one another, feel cared for, and grow together.

So Kelly and her husband, Jesse, decided to try something: They offered their first floral design workshop. That first workshop led to enlightening webinars, webinars led to full-length classes, classes led to the growth of a vibrant global community, and community led to an incredible yearly conference.

Today, Team Flower now humbly holds the honor of having one of the longest-running annual flower workshops in the industry and is known as a pioneer in modern online floral education. At Team Flower, we’re so grateful to provide a space for flower pros just like you to learn, connect, and grow.

Meet Kelly & Jesse

Meet the staff behind Team Flower


Core Values

We have some guiding principles here at Team Flower that are central to who we are and how we do things, from our in-person workshops and online classes to our friendships.

Teamwork | Being Conscientious | Diversity | Giving grace | Authenticity | Magic | Celebration | Vulnerability | Lifelong learning | Reflection

  • Teamwork: We believe in harmony and inclusivity, that every role and level of experience is valuable and welcome at the table.

  • Being Conscientious: We believe in taking care of things—ourselves, our environment, our suppliers, our communities.

  • Diversity: We believe in coming together from all backgrounds, in honoring and embracing each other’s differences because they’re what make our world beautiful.

  • Giving grace: We believe in progress over perfection, that kindness and lightness of heart have value in the world.

  • Authenticity: We believe in reflecting reality, that life is full of surprises, that beauty comes in many forms, and that you should be yourself and express yourself.

  • Magic: We believe in fun, in imagination, in playfulness. We’re flower people, after all!

  • Celebration: We believe in celebrating even the little things—because there are moments in life we just can’t let pass by without giving them honor and gratitude (and maybe even a party!).

  • Vulnerability: We believe weakness is strength, that being vulnerable with one another is empowering.

  • Lifelong learning: We believe education takes precedence over perfection, that learning and growing is key to a joyful, empowered career.

  • Reflection: We believe in the deeper, greater meaning of our work with flowers, that we’re amplifying joy, adding beauty, and advancing peace in the world through our work.


we’ve got big goals — and they include you!

Our vision is to

  • remind every flower professional of the meaning and importance behind flowers

  • enrich lives and spread magic in our communities through empowered floral work

  • cultivate goodness, with the floral industry being known for a culture of kindness

  • create a supportive community that makes every flower pro feel championed

  • invite everyone to have a voice in setting standards of excellence in the floral industry

  • guide others in creating sustainable flower businesses

But this is a very big task—which is why it takes working as a team. Let’s do this together!