Deepest Appreciation

Team Flower Members —

Working with you is joyful.  Thank you for being a part of this special group.  Your work adorns the "walls" of this website and I know they bring a smile to those who walk through.  Keep moving forward, one step at a time.  



Heather Payne Photography —

The images you produce move me to study, experiment and fearlessly create.  They encourage me, and somehow suggest I should keep dreaming.  Your support goes beyond what would ever be expected.  Thank you for sharing your heart with Team Flower.  


Ready Media —

Joel, the video you created to help us remember and move us forward in our annual Workshop is thorough, professional and so fun.  I'll always remember you following Jesse and I around on our wedding day, capturing the sweet moments.  I cherish all of it.


Jesse (my husband) –

Pal, working with you is a great gift.  Somehow this project has made both of our dreams come true and I feel so lucky.  Your talent in web, programming, marketing, video and editing has taken the dream I had and made it helpful to a lot of people.  We're all thankful for you, especially me.


Almond Leaf Studios —

Elizabeth, photos flow out of you with a balance of strength and fragility that is rare and wonderful.  The photos of the attendee's projects mean a lot to me.  What a treasure to have images that represent the deep wells of both your heart and theirs.  So grateful.  


Marcie Meredith Photography —

Tenderhearted, observant and ready for an adventure — those are a few things I think of when I think of you!  Thank you for sharing your kindness and drive for excellence with all the people who visit the pages of the Team Flower website.