The flower movement is comprised of several diverse sub sets of passionate people. There are farmers and florists, writers and suppliers. Some of you are driven by artistry. Your sensitivity to color, your thoughtful placement — it's inspiring and it matters. Beauty lifts us. Some of you wake up each day on a mission to take care of the earth that supports the flowers we all love. I admire your loyalty and dedication. I think of the people who are passionate about pushing limits and breaking the rules that have surrounded this industry for so long — the bravery, the grit. Thank you for paving the way. Every type of person is key in this movement. Representation from each state and as many countries as possible is key. For this event to have the impact on the flower movement I believe it can, I need all of you to attend and share the values that drive your work. In doing this, we will not only understand each other better, we will learn how to work together. Let's get together, like a hive of honeybees, and use our work with flowers to create a legacy that outlives the flowers and us. Let's get into formation for bigger things. We need to get the word out, invite friends and get as many people into this conversation as possible. We must stand up, take responsibility and be intentional about the future.

The time is now.