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Team Flower Conference

March 4-6, 2019 | Waco, TX

Where floral professionals gather to learn, grow and celebrate

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Everything we do at Team Flower is designed to lighten your load so you can do the important work of Loving the world through flowers

At this event we host a diverse group of inspirational speakers with a wide range of skillsets because we believe education is valuable and diversity makes us stronger. We welcome everyone who has an appetite to learn and share. All ages and all experience levels are welcome here.

At our first conference 8 countries, 32 states and 18 industry partners were represented. Designers, wholesalers, growers, writers, floral media, floral artists, industry support organizations and complimentary support organizations attend this event.

Fun fact — most people who attend consider themselves to be an introvert. Funner fact — a comfortable, welcoming environment was our #1 compliment from last year’s attendees.

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What’s the Team Flower Conference?

The Conference is a 3-day event where floral professionals come together from all over the globe for three key purposes:

  1. The Future of the Floral Industry: We link arm and arm over our love for flowers. Whether you’ve been in business forty years, forty minutes, or just simply love flowers, everyone is invited to the table as we build real relationships and discuss the future of our industry.

  2. Education and Professional Development: We learn and grow with experts who share their hard-earned knowledge and tools of the trade. Lifelong learning is key to having rooted, sustainable businesses!

  3. Celebration and Community: We celebrate flowers—and one another! At Team Flower, we love a good party and love to have fun. You work hard year-round to celebrate your clients through flowers, and you should be celebrated too! We come together to honor our work and each other, enjoying refreshment and fun.

Who Is the Conference For?

Flower lovers like you are why we created the conference! Floral pros and fans in any and every stage and from every part of the floral industry are welcome—whether you’ve been in business for forty years, forty days, or haven’t even started yet. Flower farmers, floral designers, botanical artists, floral publications and bloggers, wholesalers, retailers . . . everyone’s invited!

Come on your own for rest and inspiration, bring a friend, or bring your whole team!

At the Conference, You Can Expect

  • A 3-day educational event that allows you to network and build real relationships with professionals from all sectors of the floral industry

  • 9 talks from wise industry experts on topics covering business, design, and growing flowers

  • The Celebration of Flowers, a unique evening ceremony celebrating the floral industry like no other . . . the 3-day conference culminates with this event, where guests will don floral-themed apparel—everything from floral ball-gowns and dinner jackets to floral sneakers and jeans!

  • The Designer of the Year Competition, a friendly way to honor our unique approaches to our work (learn more about this option after registration)

  • Actionable learning—from teachings on business expansion and branding to the mechanics of large-scale design and the science of color

  • Fun! At Team Flower, we love a good party—this conference is as much about fun and inspiration as it is professional development!


What members Are Saying About Last Year’s Conference

The Team Flower Conference is a truly unique event. Along with learning from big names in the floral industry, there is an atmosphere of peace and vulnerability. . . . [You’ll] have the opportunity to interact with people who you may partner with in the future. It is a deeply encouraging and educational experience!

Jessica Weatherford, Scenic Blooms

The time spent away from your business, gaining inspiration, having conversations and resting will have results in your business that are profound.

Kate Asire, Kate Asire Flowers

This is a very unique time to be among your industry peers, and the cool part is, you've got cheerleaders all over the globe that [you’ve] not even met yet! The conference is one big hug and thumbs up! Zero competition, just acceptance, and encouragement!

Nikki Whited, East West Vintage Rentals

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Speakers and Topics

We’ve worked hard to gather some of the brightest and kindest experts in the floral industry to teach on topics covering themes from branding and floral design to growing flowers and business growth!

  • Katie Davis of Ponderosa and Thyme Create Your Unique Vision: Steps to Develop Your Creative Design Process

  • Alicia and Adam Rico of Bows and Arrows Flowers Large-Scale Design

  • Sammy Go of Lambert Floral Studio Creating Arrangements with Movement: How to Avoid Overstuffing Arrangements

  • Lou and Andrea Gagnon of LynnVale Studios The Science of Color: How to Balance Any Color Without a Color Wheel

  • Julio Freitas of The Flower Hat The Six Pillars of Flower Farming: Start Growing Flowers Step by Step

  • Natalie Gill of Native Poppy From Studio to Shop: Lessons in Business Expansion

  • Lauren Wiebe of Stone House Creative Client Communication: Educating Your Clients about Flowers and Your Process

  • Bonnie Bakhtiari of B is for Bonnie Design Embracing Change Within Your Brand: 5 Steps to Navigate Growth with Grace

  • Jesse Perry of Team Flower Hiring and Managing a Team: How to Grow Your Company With the Right Culture



Steps to Develop Your Creative Design Process

With Katie Davis of Ponderosa and Thyme

Katie Davis of Ponderosa and Thyme is a floral designer and educator who invites the creative community to explore and dream through her workshops hosted worldwide. In this session, Katie will take us behind-the-scenes of some of her favorite flower moments and show the creative process behind the finished product, helping you develop your own creative design process to live out your unique vision.



With Alicia and Adam Rico of Bows and Arrows Flowers

Alicia and Adam of Bows and Arrows Flowers are a husband and wife floral design team serving destination weddings for clients all over the globe. With their art backgrounds, they create captivating color palettes, imaginative floral arrangements, and inspiring installations. In this session, you’ll see one of their signature designs come to life in person, and they’ll take you behind the scenes of some of their favorite large-scale creations from conception to implementation. Learn mechanics, things to do, and things not to do.


creating arrangements with movement

How to Avoid Overstuffing Arrangements

With Sammy Go of Lambert Floral Studio

Sammy is a landscape designer turned floral designer intent on sharing natural beauty in nuanced, surprising ways. Overstuffing arrangements is a common pain point for many designers. In this session, Sammy will demonstrate one of his signature designs while sharing his process for choosing and arranging flowers that breathe and flow. Lambert Floral Studio has been featured on Design Sponge as one of the “15 Fantastic Florists to Follow on Instagram,” and his new notecard line with Irene Kim Shepherd is now available through Chronicle Books.



How to Balance Any Color Without a Color Wheel

With Lou and Andrea Gagnon of LynnVale Studios

Andrea and Lou own a flower farm along with floral design and art studios. For over 20 years, Lou has helped individuals and organizations, including The Barnes Foundation and Disney, bridge the gap between concept and implementation through a diverse skill set including a scientific approach to understanding color. In this session, Lou will dispel the myths of traditional color theory. Through a series of demonstrations, you’ll finally understand how color works and see how simple it is to make it work for you.



Start growing flowers step-by-step

With Julio Freitas of The Flower Hat

Julio Freitas has a track record of exceeding client expectations with interesting ingredient choices, creativity, and professionalism. In 2015, his wedding and event floral business expanded to include flower farming. In this presentation, Julio will share what the first three years of growing for weddings have been like for him, along with the six pillars of flower farming. You’ll walk away with practical tips and action items for small-scale flower farming to get you growing this season. Whether you’re growing now, would like to grow someday, or have no intention of growing, a deeper understanding and a new perspective on the process will enhance your work with flowers.



Lessons in Business Expansion

Natalie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a heart for bringing joy to others. She started Native Poppy as a wedding florals business and later expanded to include a retail location with flowers, gifts, decor, and ever-changing art installations. It’s a magical place that reflects just how magical she and her all-star team is! In this session, Natalie will share her journey with flowers from studio florist to shop owner. Hear about her experiences in hiring, financing, and adding gifts to her fresh floral product line.



Educating Your Clients about Flowers & Your Process

With Lauren Wiebe of Stone House Creative

After attending the first Team Flower Workshop in 2014, Lauren hopped on the plane home and wrote her business plan. Stone House Creative was born. Over the last several years, she’s used her outstanding communication skills to cast vision, foster trust, and set expectations to serve her clients well while building a strong, successful business. Her clients describe her as passionate, creative, an—most of all—kind. In this session, Lauren will share her client intake and care process to help you streamline yours.


Embracing Change within Your Brand

5 Steps to Navigate Seasons of Growth with Grace

With Bonnie Bakhtiari of B is for Bonnie Design

Bonnie is a brand designer and strategist, serving creatives just like you! She crafts brands that authentically reflect the heart of your life’s work. In this session, Bonnie will walk you through the difference between full rebrands, brand refreshes, and everything in-between. On top of that, she’ll be sharing five steps to navigate a season of growth within your brand gracefully and strategically, setting your brand up for success in the long run!



How to grow your company with the right culture

With Jesse Perry of Team Flower

With a background in corporate HR, Jesse has advice to share on how that knowledge has transferred to running and growing a small business. In this session, he’ll share how he and Kelly run a multi-six-figure business with a team to support it. Hiring people is one of the most vital ways your business scales, but it’s also the most expensive. In this session, you’ll learn the basics of hiring regular staff or freelancers legally as well as how to conduct interview questions to get the answers you want. You’ll also learn how to create a fun, high-performing team culture and what to keep in mind while managing staff. You’ll walk away from this session with what you need to know to maximize and care for your company’s most valuable asset.

Join us MARCH 4-6, 2019 IN WACO, TX


More Event Details

Why Waco, Texas?

When we think of Waco, Texas, we think of a small town known for an emphasis on community, timeless hospitality, courage in design, and bold entrepreneurship—all values that Team Flower holds dear! Waco is a hallmark example of how an entire town can be transformed by people with a vision (as seen in the Magnolia story taking place in Waco through entrepreneurs Chip and Joanna Gaines!). It’s a symbol of what can happen when you allow your kind heart and unique style to weave through your entrepreneurship endeavors. And your work with flowers can do the same in your local community—that’s why we chose it as the 2019 Team Flower Conference site!

Waco, Texas, is a hospitable, family-friendly city with many attractions, including Magnolia Market at the Silos, Cameron Park, the Brazos River, and countless cultural and historical sights.


Travel details

All conference sessions will take place at the Waco Convention Center in the heart of downtown Waco.

Waco is a vibrant but small community with limited accommodation options, so early booking is recommended. We have secured a group rate with the following two hotels, both easily accessible from the Convention Center:

Waco is just 90 miles away from both the Dallas / Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW) and the Austin - Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). Waco is also home to the Waco Regional Airport, which provides regular flights to and from Dallas / Ft. Worth. 

Airport transfer providers are at the attendee’s discretion (Rental car, airport shuttle, Uber, etc.). Also once you're in Waco, there is a free trolley that services the downtown area and Convention Center area.

Activities in Waco
Waco is a family-friendly city with many attractions, including Magnolia Market at the Silos, Cameron Park, the Brazos River, and countless cultural and historical sights. You can find out more about Waco attractions, as well as lodging, dining, and transportation information here


Conference Schedule

Monday, March 4, 2019

Event Check-In at Noon
Sessions 1:30 - 5:00

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sessions 9:30 - 5:00

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Session 9:00 - 9:45
TBA Special Event 9:45 - 10:45
Flowers in Art Exhibition 12:30 - 1:30
Sessions 1:30 - 4:00
TBA Special Dinner 6:00 - 10:00