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Advanced Wiring Techniques

Work with any flower in boutonnieres,
corsages, flower crowns and more

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Flower Business Online Class
Picture this...

You have a client whose vision for a highly sculptural bouquet that would have had you stumped on how you were going to get the flowers to cooperate and hold the overall shape. Because you learned the knowledge in this Fast Track class and joined the ranks of florists who have been using wiring tricks for decades, you were confident in how to execute their vision!

Or maybe…

You already know the basics, but you’ve seen others wiring all manner of flowers and you’re wondering how to extend the techniques you’ve already mastered to apply to more advanced or adventurous floral items. In this class, Kelly takes you there with ease and expertise. 

Be prepared for any request

With this class you'll be equipped to
handle any design request

We’ve all had clients make floral design requests that seem at first impossible, but wiring is a wonderful go-to for extending the potential of beloved blooms beyond their natural stem’s boundaries. With a little guidance and information, you’ll find yourself much less intimidated by the thought of incorporating specific blooms into almost any design regardless of first-blush feasibility.

You’ll also discover that you now have much more control over flowers you were once frustrated by because of their propensity to break or “misbehave” after placement, and begin to see the potential for using wired flowers in designs beyond just boutonnieres and chandelier accents! Kelly’s testimonials about how she uses wiring to elevate her design work will have you practicing on every flower in sight and counting this skill as one of your mechanical proficiencies. 

I know this is something you want too — Let's get started!

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wrap this up in an afternoon
explore below what's covered

In this nine video Fast Track series, you’ll learn how to choose the best bloom types and materials for successful wiring, master a few basic techniques, and get step-by-step visual and verbal walk-throughs for how to adapt the basics to virtually any floral item. At the end, Kelly will demonstrate how to use a variety of wired items in design work, and also walk you through the care and keeping of wired flowers before and after use. 


in addition to the videos, your class includes...

Lesson notes
Summary of wiring tips shared
Step-by-step written guide for each technique
Additional resources to get started with wiring

How to start a floral design business

Want to know a little more About Kelly?

Hi, I'm Kelly Perry. Jesse is my husband and together we founded Team Flower and Philosophy Flowers. We are passionate about the people who make up our beloved flower industry and seek to be a consistent voice of encouragement.

My educational background is in design (interiors and fashion), business and secondary education. Prior to Team Flower I worked in Event Management.

My first gig as a florist was actually teaching — for both a college and high school special. I've been teaching professional florists since 2014 and have seen hundreds of creative hearts set free!

You can get to know me more through my Instagram photos and captions and you are always welcome to send me a message using the red button! I love hearing from you. 

Kelly will answer your questions!

if you have a clarifying question or trouble with growing implementation, comment with @kelly while watching and Kelly will chime in!

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At the end of the day, this choice is determined by assessing the time and energy it would take for you to accomplish these things on your own, and how much that time and energy is worth to you. What amount would you pay to expedite your learning curve, have the information you need and get your business earning income faster?


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If you feel we didn't deliver as promised, you don't connect with the instructor, or online learning isn't for you, no hard feelings!  Just reach out within 14 days of purchase and we'll refund your money!