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Picture this...

You're growing flowers for weddings! You've always thought this would be a nice idea, but you hesitated taking action for a long time because you felt the time wasn't right or you didn't know enough to get going. But, look at you! You're holding fragrant sweet peas in your hand because you took the leap. This Growing for Weddings Class was the gentle push you needed. You found the resources and knowledge you needed to see that idea come to life!

or Maybe...

You're already growing and considering moving into growing for weddings, but you aren't sure what flowers to grow. Our instructor, Linda Doan, is a cut flower grower who services brides. She knows the romantic blooms brides love!

Just think!

in one-two weeks, you can be growing flowers

Hi!  Kelly here.  I love how these fast track classes jump start activity and give us momentum to a dream going.  As a new grower myself, I can say, Linda’s guidance is just what I needed to get my early garden started, and I think she’s an excellent person to guide current growers in choosing and growing flowers brides go crazy over.  I've used all the flowers covered in this class in my wedding work, with the exception of a fantastic oregano Linda reminded me I need to plant this season.  

I think current growers will also find the way we categorize and discuss to be helpful in understanding the design aspect, making it easier to see the product's end use and describe its charm to clients. 

Linda and I are delighted to share our experiences — Linda bringing the perspective of a seasoned grower and me bringing the perspective of a designer new to growing.

if you're ready to get started, you're in the right place.






in addition to the videos, your class includes...

Class Workbook
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Planting Spreadsheet Sample
Kelly's Spring Planting Spreadsheet
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How to start a floral design business

Want to know a little more About Linda?

Meet Dr. Linda Doan, retired college professor and owner of Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers.  Aunt Willie’s provides a full service, seed to centerpiece experience for brides. She is the current secretary for the Association of Speciality Cut Flower Growers and serves as a mentor in their mentorship program, guiding a new farmer through their first two seasons. She also hosts workshops at her beautiful family farm for current and aspiring growers and designers. She has been growing flowers for the last 12 years.

You may also recognize Linda from one of the Team Flower Workshops.  She has been a part of all three!

Linda will answer your questions!

if you have a clarifying question or trouble with growing implementation, comment while watching and Linda will chime in!

Sounds good, but...

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At the end of the day, this choice is determined by assessing the time and energy it would take for you to accomplish these things on your own, and how much that time and energy is worth to you. What amount would you pay to expedite your learning curve, have the information you need and get your business earning income faster?

Does this class apply to my growing zone/region?

This class was created with our worldwide members in mind and content is applicable in any zone. The class is filled with foundational principles for growing each flower that will apply throughout the world — whether you are growing a small garden or starting a cut flower farm for production. 

If you have a specific zone-related question, ask while watching the class!  Linda is very knowledgable and we will help you find the answer and resources to satisfy your question.


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Banner and Planting Image: Linda | Group and Linda with Kelly: Anna Hedges | Linda Profile: Heather Payne