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Picture this...

You're in your studio and have just created an arrangement you LOVE. You set up your shot, consider the foundational principles of photography, grab your iPhone and snap not one, but several images that are totally on brand and social media and website worthy, all in the comfort of your own space! This used to be a pain point for you, but now photographing flowers is easy for you. You understand the exact thoughts and actions that go into creating the kind of images you want to show your work through. Taking pictures used to be a big guessing game, but now you are able to observe, set and shoot for the outcome you desire.  

Or maybe

You know how important in-house photography is for a creative business, so you've invested in a great camera, but you still aren't getting the shots you hoped for.  This class will give you the foundations required to compose an excellent image on any camera.  

This class is a great fit for a florist, flower farmer or floral enthusiast who wants to take better photos of flowers

Want to take great floral pictures?

you don't need an expensive camera, you need foundational photography principles 

As I was chatting with Heather about the vision for this class, she said,

"It's really not about the camera.  It's natural to believe you need an expensive camera to get great shots, but it's just not true.  What's really needed is mastery over the elements and principles of setting up a great shot on the camera you already have.  If you love it and want to explore more, then upgrade to put additional tools in your toolbox."  

Everything you see on this page was created in my simple studio in Boone with an iPhone. There was a time I didn't believe it was possible for me to take shots I loved, but Heather changed that for me! In this class you'll see the exact steps you need to take to create the images you've been eyeing — bright, moody, modern or romantic. 

This class is hosted by me, Kelly and taught by Heather Payne of Heather Payne Photography.

This class is well-suited for the floral designer, flower farmer or related floral professional who wants to create stunning images of the flowers they arrange or grow.  At the end of this class you will know how to:

  • Read an image, identify why you drawn to it and the elements and principles that were used to create the shot.
  • Adjust your surroundings and angles to get the lighting effects you love.
  • Create images from scratch that best reflect your brand — moody, bright, romantic or modern .
  • Set up a beautiful, styled environment for your arrangements with basic supplies (You probably already have most of these things, but just incase, sources are included).
  • Compose a captivating image.
  • Make simple editing adjustments to elevate quality.

Keep reading to see session descriptions and the supporting cheat-sheets and checklists you'll receive with your class purchase.


samples of what we are creating in class

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in addition to the videos, your class workbook includes...

Quick reference checklist for shooting on-site

Backdrop recommendations

Step-by-step guides for creating moody and bright looks

and class notes, we've got those covered too

How to start a floral design business

Want to know a little more About heather?

Heather Payne has photographed the work of over 200 floral designers.  If you've attended a Floret Workshop or one of the Team Flower Workshops you have probably already experienced the magic of Heather's floral photography!  

Heather's work has been featured in numerous publications over the years, including Martha Stewart, the Knot, Geraldine Magazine, Once Wed and Flower Magazine.

Her background in horticulture and love of nature makes her the perfect fit for helping florists, farmers and enthusiasts capture the beauty that surrounds their lives on a regular basis.   

Heather will answer your questions!


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At the end of the day, this choice is determined by assessing the time and energy it would take for you to accomplish these things on your own, and how much that time and energy is worth to you. What amount would you pay to expedite your learning curve, have the information you need and get your business earning income faster?


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