Yay!  I’m pleased to see your name on the guest list and you better believe I’ll be writing your name on a bright post it note and slapping it up on the wall so I can be thinking of you until I’ll be seeing you.  You’ve made a great choice on attending this event.  The schedule is loaded with valuable content and some of my favorite guest speakers in the flower world today.  The networking opportunities are targeted and fun. I know you’ll meet kind people that will become lifelong friends — it happens at every event we host.  My friend Whitney, who visited me in Boone once said “You bring the best humans together.”  And she’s so right, I do!  You’re the best and hanging out with you energizes me.  I receive every smile, every hug and every word of encouragement — it’s like wind that lifts my butterfly wings up to the sky!

I’m so thankful we get to spend time together this winter.  Until then, fly on, bump into friends along the way and take your own creative path down to Florida where we will gather, connect, learn, rest, celebrate and catch the wind for our next flight with flowers.

If you feel inclined, we’d love for you to share this event with your flower friends.  You can download a pretty graphic to use on Instagram and share that you’re attending.  When you do, tag @teamflower in the tag section on the image so it shows up on our feed and expect a follow back!

One step at a time,