Enjoy this free ribbon guide from Team Flower


Ribbon is a great way to incorporate a color that isn’t commonly found in the flower world — like teal.  Other times it’s a way to repeat or introduce a new texture to the design.  These two design elements — color and texture — are critical in communicating the mood of the event.  A satin is classic, flowing silk is too, but shows ease and flexibility.  A grosgrain is more casual.  Sequins are fun!

Double faced satins are my favorite all-purpose, and the silks are great if you’d like to create streamers that dance in the wind.  

Occasionally I’ll have a client ask about ribbon, but most times it’s not on their radar, and I give myself the freedom to choose based on the client’s aesthetic and the color palette of the flowers.  It’s nice to have some flexibility! It’s also nice to have a sample of bridesmaid dress fabric to guide my choices.

When clients do ask, I like to present one to three at a time after we have narrowed down that they are drawn to a particular color or texture.  This helps keep decision overwhelm to a minimum for your client.

As you interact with your clients, be mindful of how they feel.  Creating a sweet and hospitable bubble for them to live in while they are with you is important.  You might be the only vendor they have that makes them feel peaceful.  Wrap them up in ribbon in your mind’s eye, because creating a beautiful bouquet for them is a great gift you’ve been given.  That place where your dreams and passion meet the need of another person and bring them joy — it’s priceless!  



Top: 1.5 Inch Satin Scalloped Edge Ribbon in Ivory (photo by Boonetown Story)

Below: 1.5 Inch Satin Scalloped Edge Ribbon in Antique Gold (photo by Heather Payne Photography)

Below: 3/8 Inch Double Faced Satin Ribbon in Silver (photo by Fox and Owl Studios)