Be the Bouquet Hero!

you totally can

I used to dread making personal flowers. My bouquet flowers wiggled out of place and making corsages was tough too. After attending several workshops, my problem remained, but then, one day in the studio, it all came together. This epiphany moment and all that came from it is what I'll be sharing in this class. Now I can pass bouquets back and forth or lay them down mid-design without the piece falling apart. You'll be able to do it too. I can even toss you one of my loosey-goosey garden bouquets and you’ll find flowers to be positioned in the same place they were before it made the flight. You'll also learn how to make a cascade bouquet without a holder or chicken wire. If you’re seeking movement and depth in your bouquet making without the frustration of your flowers moving around on you, that’s confirmation this class is a good one for you.

This class is taught by me, Kelly Perry, owner of Philosophy Flowers. The cradle bouquet I'm holding above was included in Elle Decor’s best bouquets. You'll have the opportunity to learn how that bouquet and coordinating boutonniere were put together. Our green textural bouquet was picked up by Magnolia Rouge as one of the year's best too — Yippe! I don’t know what the future holds, but I believe your bouquets will be there instead of mine soon. I see you going above and beyond me, loving your corner of the world through flowers in the most beautiful ways. Just follow the steps I will outline and remember to smile at the flowers while you arrange. They always smile back!

if you're ready to ban wiggly bouquets, keep reading

Here is a sampling of my portfolio. After class, you'll be equipped to do the same designs you see here!