Flower Business Online Class
Picture this...

You're in your studio and have just created an arrangement you LOVE. You set up your shot, consider the foundational principles of photography, grab your iPhone and snap not one, but several images that are totally on brand and social media and website worthy, all in the comfort of your own space! This used to be a pain point for you, but now photographing flowers is easy for you. You understand the exact thoughts and actions that go into creating the kind of images you want to show your work through. Taking pictures used to be a big guessing game, but now you are able to observe, set and shoot for the outcome you desire.  

Or maybe

You know how important in-house photography is for a creative business, so you've invested in a great camera, but you still aren't getting the shots you hoped for.  This class will give you the foundations required to compose an excellent image on any camera.  

This class is a great fit for a florist, flower farmer or floral enthusiast who wants to take better photos of flowers