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An online Masterclass With Kelly Perry

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What if...

What if you knew how to price with confidence? In this online business class, you’ll learn how to price your products and design pieces, create spot-on client estimates, and order flowers—without over-ordering and wasting product. Invest in this class and learn how to save both time and money!

With this floral business class, you’ll get:

– 6+ hours of organized, thoughtful video instruction
– Easy, on-demand access on all your devices (computer, tablet, and phone)
– Access to the instructor via the Team Flower Community so you can ask questions
– Additional digital class materials specific to the class, including helpful spreadsheets, notes, and lists
– Step-by-step, easy-to-implement teaching that can help you see results immediately
– Lifetime membership with the Team Flower Community, an exciting place to learn, grow, and get feedback from other flower pros

What if you could…

Complete an Estimate that would have

predictable Profit Margins a Year from now?

And in fifteen minutes? Guess what? You can!

Accurate, reliable, and profitable floral design pricing comes down to having the right knowledge and the right systems in place. Kelly has been working on this class for years—gathering questions, developing systems, and testing ideas that will resolve over thirty of your most common pricing questions. And you’ll learn how to avoid ordering too many flowers (or not enough) for your events, keeping wasted product and wasted money at a minimum.

Pricing feels a bit mysterious. Advice like "charge what you're worth" is vague. The costs of flowers shift. What about shipping costs? Do we pass them along? And labor? Flat fees? How do we handle deliveries that take more time? What about destination weddings? Rentals?

Tired of second-guessing? In this class, we’ve got you covered.

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In This Online Floristry Business Class,
You’ll Cover the Following:

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This class is taught by Kelly Perry, whose videos have impacted hundreds of thousands and work has been featured in over 55 publications. To learn more about her experience and qualifications, click here.


In addition to 6+ hours of video instruction,
you’ll receive the following tools and samples:

  • Class slides PDF and over 25 Quick Reference Guides or Spreadsheets

  • 4 behind-the-scenes event estimates

  • A 15-minute budget breakout sample

  • 15 Core Market Need Categories Guide—a list of 15 areas of market opportunity for floral businesses

  • Inquiry to Booking Blueprint

  • Client Intake Questionnaire

  • Inquiry Response Samples

  • Labor Costs Guide


Class feedback from students

Learning about the different business models presented in this class and how they can compliment each other was eye-opening to me! If you're on the fence about purchasing this class, absolutely go for it!

– Kelly at Color Fields Farm

Who Is This Class For?

Picture This:

You’ve just received an inquiry for what could be the biggest wedding you’ve ever booked. It’s over a year away, and there are many complex pieces involved for the reception. In the past, you would’ve spent a whole afternoon digging through the details to send along an estimate to the client—but not anymore. You’ve taken the Team Flower Pricing and Ordering class, and you know tried-and-true tips and techniques that have helped you set up a reliable pricing and ordering structure. You’re able to get an accurate estimate back to the client in record time, and the rest of your afternoon is yours to use as you please.


Just Imagine:

You’ve been in floral design for years, but you consider yourself more of a “right-brained person” and numbers, planning, and estimating can intimidate you. You’ve recently discovered you need to tighten up your processes after a costly miscalculation last month, and a friend recommended the Pricing and Ordering class to you. You dive in and learn that not only are the numbers not so intimidating, but they also can unlock a way for your business to be more streamlined and sustainable long-term—all with you having creative control. You apply the techniques, see immediate results, and save yourself a ton of time. Pricing and ordering have never been this much fun!



This online class is for you if:

– You want to ensure the long-term profitability of your business and know how to offer the right services for your location, making sure to charge what your product is worth

– You want to take the mystery out of consistent and fast pricing, getting it right the first time (all while making your business profitable)

– You’re looking to provide accurate wedding proposal estimates that hold up a year later when you order the flowers and design for the event

– You’re an experienced florist who’s looking for new ways to streamline your pricing and ordering process, cutting down on time spent on these tasks


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Unlimited online access — Sign up now, finish anytime


At Team Flower, we believe in producing the highest quality educational content for floral professionals, and we’re proud to offer in-person workshops and events in addition to our online professional training classes. Flower pros across the world have joined our membership community, and our members have joined our online classes over thousands of times worldwide! We believe in the quality of our floral design education so much that if you’re disappointed in your online class in any way, no hard feelings! Reach out within 14 days of purchase and we'll refund your money — no questions asked.

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One of the most magical things about taking floral business classes with Team Flower is the friendship you’ll find with other flower professionals. Signing up for an online class with Team Flower doesn’t mean you’ll be left learning on your own. In fact, by joining a class, you become an official Team Flower Member and receive lifetime access to the Team Flower Community!

As a member, you’ll get:

  • Access to floral professionals from all over the world (over 30 countries and all 50 U.S. states represented!) for feedback, advice, and encouragement

  • Exclusive floral industry discounts just for being a Team Flower Member as well as support from the Team Flower Staff (including Kelly and Jesse Perry!)

  • Listing in the Team Flower Members Directory, where prospective clients and industry professionals can find your business and work with you

  • Official Team Flower handwritten postcard via snail mail welcoming you personally to the community!

  • Access to our existing database of conversation topics (1,800+ and growing!) to find solid advice to help you grow on your flower journey

Want to learn more about what you get when you join? Check out our Team Flower Community page



"If you are unsure that your pricing is sustainable, or if you have problems with over-ordering like I did, this class a must. For example, I have now identified tiers of products to offer to my customers. This has made a difference in how I meet with people and how I can advertise what I offer!"

– Bridget at Rhapsody in Bloom

“There is great information in this class, and if you're willing to invest the time to go through it, you should join. After this class I was able to establish my personal business model, not someone else's!”

– Sarah Wade


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