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Picture this...

You don't think about where flowers should go anymore. You know. You don't look at images of arrangements and wonder why they appeal to you — you know the principles at work behind them. You don't fret when an arrangement didn't turn out just how you wanted it to because you've identified the missing principle or element and you know what to do next time.

Truly, a deep relationship with the elements and principles of design accelerates our design and composition skills faster than any workshop or real-world experience ever will.   

And my favorite part? They can be applied to all kinds of things. Reception design, styling, photography, Instagram planning, fashion, interior design and food. The list goes on and on...

So are these the "rules"?


I understand the sentiment, but I would suggest that in flower arranging there aren't rules to be broken, but principles to guide the choices we make and the risks we take. Principles that inspire creativity and courage in a way like nothing else quite can. They weren't made to be broken, but mixed in an infinite number of ways by the creator. They help us tell a story, express emotions, and they encourage. The elements and principles of design are like a language, and the linguists are known for skipping the small talk and shooting straight to the heart. The principles speak deeply, profoundly.

Balance, movement and rest. Repetition, color gradation, focal point, dominance and lines. Proportion, contrast, golden mean, rule of thirds, symmetry, asymmetry, proximity, radiation, pattern and unity.  Color, texture and shape. These are a few of the principles and elements we'll cover. And in addition to these, you'll see step-by-step implementation — the mixing and marrying of these powerful concepts.

This class is taught by me, Kelly Perry, owner of Philosophy Flowers


Here is a sampling of my portfolio. You'll be able to identify the elements and principles you see at work in these arrangements when we finish up our time together!


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How to start a floral design business

Want to know a little more About me?

I live in Boone, North Carolina with my husband Jesse and our golden doodle Buster.  I tend a little garden and love to write about what I see there. I got my start in flowers with Philosophy Flowers in 2012.

I have a B.S. in FACS with Teacher Licensure, and thought I would be a middle school teacher. God had other plans for me though, and I'm reminded of that every day when I pass by the wall where all my dreams, promises and letters from Team Flower members are posted. My education, as unrelated as it may appear, is in truth, very relatable — an uncanny setup for the work I do with Team Flower. I took classes in marketing, entrepreneurship, interior design, fashion design and education. All these topics and skills transfer beautifully. I also left college with my husband Jesse, who is, in every way, the perfect partner for me and Team Flower.

Kelly will answer your questions!

if you have a clarifying design question or want to talk principles, comment while watching and Kelly will chime in!

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