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Team Flower Conference

January 3-5, 2020 | Pasadena, CA

Where passionate floral professionals go

— Celebrate the New Year together right after the Pasadena Rose Parade —



Floral work is important work. It’s about more than pretty. It’s about people and the magic moments we help create in their lives. Together we are building a bridge between sectors of the industry and our communities that is rooted in a culture of kindness we believe the floral industry will be known for across the earth.

Who Attends

  • Florists | Shop, Studio, Home-Based, Everyday and Wedding Floral Specialists

  • Farmer-Florists

  • Industry Suppliers | Growers, Distributors, Hard Goods Suppliers

  • Industry Support Organizations | Associations and Societies, Media, Authors

  • Floral-Related Art and Design Businesses | Fine Art Painters, Floral Crafts, Interiors, etc.

What You Can Expect

  • An open-hearted environment where everyone is welcome and important

  • An outstanding variety in programming and perspectives

  • A value-packed experience that’s practical and fun


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have the 50 spots been claimed yet? We will not know until we verify the place of each order as it came in. Go ahead and secure your spot, then you’ll have the chance to know what you received later this month.

  • How do I get the join with a friend discount? After sign up, we’ll ask you for the email address of the friend that will be attending the Conference with you. You’ll likely sign up before your friend, but remember the sooner both of you sign up, the more chances you both will have to get a free room.

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  • If I don’t receive the free room, will I still receive this discounted pricing? Yes, we will honor this discounted early bird pricing for anyone that signs up that isn’t in the first 50 spots.

  • How does the payment plan work? The card you use to purchase will be used to automatically bill from the day you purchase. Then every 3 weeks from the day you purchase, until you’ve made 12 payments, the same amount will be billed again. This way you’ve made all your payments before you attend and can come knowing you’re paid in full. You will have the option to change your card on file with us in the future if needed.