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About Team Flower

Team Flower is a networking and educational resource for the floral industry. We produce a podcast, create video tutorials, and publish articles online each week to connect and inspire. We offer online learning and in-person workshops and a conference attended by floral professionals from all over the world. Team Flower was founded by Kelly and Jesse Perry in 2014. Read more about our history, core values and mission by clicking here.

Platform Statistics (Updated January 2019)

  • 150,000+ unique website visitors in last 12 months

  • Over 30,000+ email subscribers have joined our newsletter, with a current reach in all 50 states and 98 countries

  • 50,000 followers on social media across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

  • 3,000 podcast subscribers that listen to over 80% of each episode and have rated 5 stars

  • Team Flower members in over 35 countries and nearly all U.S. states and Canada provinces

Podcast Guest Benefits

  • Increased Brand Awareness: In addition to the podcast, guests are featured on the Team Flower Blog and tagged in marketing via social and email where appropriate throughout the year.

  • Direct Website Link: A direct link to the guest’s website is available if you would like to provide follow-up information to the podcast listeners about a product or service you offer. Your Instagram handle is also posted with your name.

  • Ongoing Engaged Listeners: Our podcast listeners stay engaged and become more interested in our guests and their businesses.

  • Among Industry Peers: Be listed on our podcast page along with other flower industry professionals like the ones here we've featured previously.

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