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Please select an available time on the calendar below. You can change the timezone you are viewing by using the arrow above the choices. An hour will be blocked, but you'll just need to be available at the beginning of the session. You'll receive a confirmation after booking. If you do not see this check your spam folder for a message from Calendly.

If there is a time you'd like to propose that is not listed on the calendar below, please chat with us using the red button in the lower right corner of the page and suggest the meeting time. You can also chat or email if you have any trouble with this scheduling system.  

If we are interviewing on a book, please send an advance or press copy to: Kelly Perry, 716 Don Hayes Road, Boone, NC 28607 or get us in touch with your publisher to arrange. Allow 7-10 days prior to the interview time to coordinate. 

Directions next steps are below the calendar.  

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Next Steps

To prepare for the interview, we will gather 7-10 questions/topics to discuss.  

  • Is there a speciality people regularly ask you about? 
  • You might choose to ask your Instagram audience if there's anything they'd like to hear you discuss on the interview. They can offer great insight, and you can choose your favorite responses. If you choose to use Instagram, you are welcome to tag me (@teamflower) and I can monitor the post and process the questions for you. 
  • I'll gather questions from our members and combine into a set of 7-10 questions and you pick the 7 you like best. We'll shoot to have all the questions gathered one week prior to the interview and then the week prior to the interview we will finalize the agenda.   
Recording Day
  • Thirty minutes to an hour before the scheduled time, you will be emailed and texted (if you provide a phone number) a reminder and a link to join the interview. Open the link in a Google Chrome web browser.
  • The link will direct you through a little tour of the page. At the end, you will want to allow access to your computer microphone.  It will look like this (see below). Just click "Use this microphone." 
  • Put in headphones, and be sure you are sitting in a quiet room for recording. 
  • You'll see me pop on there on the right and we'll chat for a second before we start recording


After the Interview

The interview will be processed and transcribed by our team.  It will be assigned a release date and we will inform you of this date.  If there is a book, workshop or product you're promoting, please provide the link you prefer people use for purchase in response, along with 12-15 images we an incorporate into your blog/social media post.  We recommend having at least one head shot, a shot of your shop, book, workshop, flowers, etc. (if applicable). It will also be great to choose images that correlate with the various topics discussed. If there are photography credits that should be assigned to images, just let us know.

The week of release, the interview will post on the Team Flower blog and on iTunes with your name in the title on Monday.  It will also be featured in our weekly flower email that goes out to tens of thousands of flower folks.  It may also be mentioned on social media.  The blog post will link to your Instagram and a flower related workshop, product or online store you’d like to highlight.

We will send you a link to the post when it goes live and you are welcome to share or not share it with your audience in whatever capacity you choose - email, web, social media etc. That is 100% up to you!

Happy to have you as a guest on the Team Flower Podcast!