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Kelly's Philosophy of Pricing

Want to learn more about pricing? We have been working on a pricing class for several years — gathering your questions, developing, and testing a simple system that resolves over thirty of your most common pricing questions! 

What if you knew how to price with confidence? Better yet, what if you knew how to do a spot-on estimate for a typical wedding that will have consistent profit margins a year down the road in 15 minutes? That’s the big takeaway from this class.

Pricing feels a bit mysterious. Advice like, "charge what you're worth" is vague. The costs of flowers shift. What about shipping costs? Do we absorb them or pass them along? What's fair? And labor? Percentages? Flat fees? How do we handle deliveries that take more time? What if the customer thinks the price is too high? Destination weddings? Rentals?

In this online class we answer all of these questions for you!