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Team Flower Pro

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New materials

We will be periodically releasing new videos, lessons and guides exclusive to Team Flower Pro members. These materials are in addition to the core materials included with each online class. They’ll provide you with the latest methods, new ideas and alternative techniques. We’ll be inviting multiple teachers to share their perspective.

Search video transcripts

Each Team Flower class includes hours of video material. Often you want to come back and try a technique or tip one more time. Where was it in the video? What video was it in? Now you can find the exact spot you’re looking for. Your entire Team Flower class is searchable and clicking a result takes you directly to where you want.

Private takeaway notes

Once you find that great tidbit or a great idea hits you — you don’t want to forget it. With Team Flower Pro, you can easily make more than a mental note. You can quickly save a note right under the video. This saves your note to an area only you can see, and tags the exact spot in the video the note was taken. Re-watch with ease.

Web-based documents

Now you can view class documents directly within your web browser — and even take notes on them! Highlight something you want to remember, write in the digital margins, or export and print if you prefer. You’ll find your notes automatically save and will load anywhere you login to Team Flower.

Cloud video sync

Now videos will pick up where you left off, on another device. Watch on your computer in the morning, pick it up during a commute, then finish the lesson at home on your tablet. Team Flower will resume the video each time where you last left off.

Quick jump back

Resuming a class you’re in the middle of takes some mental energy remembering what exactly you last watched. With a Pro membership, you’ll be able to quickly jump back to the last video you watched in each class. You’ll have that class done in no time!

Track what’s new

With your Pro membership a special badge will appear above every class material. It provides a quick way to see what materials you’ve viewed and what materials are new. Super helpful as we're releasing new videos just for Pro members. We’ll also keep track of how much of a class you’ve completed, so you can work closer to that 100% mark.

Exclusive bonuses

If you refer a new member to Team Flower, you'll earn a bonus 5% cash back — effectively paying for your Pro membership. Also we'll periodically surprise you with bonuses only for Team Flower Pro Members. From giveaways, to special online events, and more — your membership unlocks more than just new learning opportunities.

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