Five Fundamental Design Lessons

Exclusive to Workshop attendees — available immediately
 Watch anytime, as many times as you'd like, before and after the Workshop



Line, movement, dominance, gradation, repetition, color, texture and unity!  These are the things that make for great arrangements and they'll help you move past these common hangups...

"My arrangements look pretty in person, but aren't photographing well..."
"I keep pulling apart my arrangements and start over because something isn't right..."
"I like what I'm producing but know it could be better.  I'm just not sure how to get from here to there..."

We will explore the principles of design as they relate to flower arranging, but we'll also show you how to identify and observe them in the world around you and apply them to things like event design, styling for your business and styling for your home!

This is the intro lesson to our online class, Elements and Principles of Design.  If you are already in the class, you'll get $50 refunded on your final workshop payment, and if you aren't and decide you want to be after the workshop, all our workshop attendees have the option to purchase with a $50 discount.



Oh, ordering! It's tough without a system. In this lesson I will walk you through the easy process I developed for getting the ingredients needed for garden style arrangements, while staying within budget and out of ordering ruts!  If any of these sound like you, this lesson will be a game-changer.

"I don't know where to start!"
"I just sit, overwhelmed with options, I can't decide"
"My arrangements are starting to look the same, I want to branch out and try new things"
"I'm over budget often.  How can I create a lush look at different price points?"

Walk away with a robust guide for placing orders and Kelly's top picks for flowers in each color family. When you understand the functions and purpose behind each ingredient things become much easier! 



Bouts, bouquet and centerpiece technique!  In these lessons, I'll cover my basic techniques for these fundamental pieces so you can practice and play at home before you arrive.  I think it will help with any Spring projects you have and give us a head start on what we can do and learn during the event.

Image by Jake + Heather | Flowers by 2016 attendee Flora and Ephemera 

Image by Jake + Heather | Flowers by 2016 attendee Flora and Ephemera